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“Companies need to re-establish the physical connection between people and places by bringing employees back to work environments that meet a higher standard of hygiene and disinfection control. Companies want to restore the emotional connection of employees by building confidence in the safety of the workplace.”

Troels Bjerg, ISS Group Chief Operating Officer

Enabling people to fully connect with places

PURE SPACE is a new ISS product that ensures well-being, maintains hygiene and delivers confidence, so people can connect with the places they need to be in. 

With PURE SPACE you not only achieve a new, higher standard of hygiene, you also get the data you need to maintain cleanliness, troubleshoot risk of contamination and influence the right behaviour. 

There are 3 dimensions to PURE SPACE:  

  • Well-being: PURE SPACE helps to keep people safe and healthy 
  • Hygiene: PURE SPACE reduces the chance of virus spread with a strategic approach to cleaning and disinfection. 
  • Verification: A professional hygiene process combined with the right individual behaviour will have a powerful impact on curbing contamination. The Verification statement can be found here.

“We’ve taken inspiration from the years of experience we have working in clean room environments, hospitals and healthcare organisations, where hygiene and disinfection are more important. With PURE SPACE, we’re taking those requirements and transferring them to the office environment.”

Joseph Nazareth, Head of ISS Group Health, Safety, and Quality


Creating a safer workplace with PURE SPACE

In this interview, Joseph Nazareth, Head of ISS Group Health, Safety, and Quality, explains how PURE SPACE has been designed to repair the disruption between people and places caused by COVID-19. So employees can feel they are returning to a safe work environment. 

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