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2019 Annual Report

Dive into our 2019 Annual Report to learn more about our business and performance. In 2019, we continued to work through a bold and vital transformation that is enhancing our ability to serve our key account customers.

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The future of outsourcing

ISS commissioned the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies (CIFS) with the assignment to develop a number of scenarios for the future of the global facility management industry. The work turned into five ISS 2020 Vision White Books on future perspectives on the FM industry.

Front page - ISS 2020 Vision Capstone White Book - The Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace


Future of Work, Workforce & Workplace

The workplace is no longer viewed as the epicentre of an organization. Yet physical workplaces are still essential to create and support organizational culture. Physical frameworks combined with human-centric service must provide a holistic workplace experience, where the end-users can be productive and thrive.

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ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Service Management

The fifth and final white book from ISS and Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies (CIFS) explores the trends and drivers revolutionizing service management, a critical competitive parameter for most organisations today.

Front page - ISS 2020 Vision_Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management


The Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management

Moving beyond 2020, megatrends are reshaping outsourcing in several ways. The future of outsourcing will be characterized by a high degree of collaboration in order to boost global competitiveness. Outsourcing is evolving to accommodate new market needs and the growing complexity of the challenges that will continue to face businesses in the future.

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Future of Public Sector Outsourcing

There are more things today that can be considered facility management than ever before, and that offers unparalleled opportunities for establishing new collaborative models. The future of public sector outsourcing will be characterized by highly sophisticated facility management or infrastructure management rooted in precision and measurement, process discipline and operational excellence.

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New Ways of Working – The Workplace of the Future

In the future, facility management will need to include new innovative service concepts that go beyond solely looking at the workplace as an opportunity for reducing operating cost. This report analyzes the strategic themes shaping future workplace strategies.

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2020 Vision

ISS and The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) have carried out a study on the future of global Facility Management (FM), based on a survey involving more than 300 senior executives from ISS and 50 specialists from the Global FM network. The research also draws on workshops and in-depth interviews with key industry spokespersons.

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Read our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report to learn more about how we strive to take good care of our employees, the environment and our customers.

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Perspectives on facility and workplace management

Our white papers provide longer-form insights into key aspects of facility management, workplace experience and outsourcing services.


Perspectives of the FM Market Development

This paper discusses the evolution of the Facility Management industry from the 1980s to the present and offers some predictions about where the industry is heading in the future. The industry is transforming from a predominantly single-service local outsourcing model to an integrated services delivery model that seamlessly meets the core needs of the customer on a national and even global scale.


Managing and Mitigating risk within Strategic Facility Management

The subject of this paper is risk management and mitigation through strategic facility management (FM), and it is based on fieldwork performed by the Vienna University of Technology, Department of Information and Facility Management (IFM); PriceWaterhouseCoopers Austria (PwC); and experiences derived from the delivery side of the service provider ISS Austria’s FM business.


Defining Service Excellence in Facility Management

This whitepaper concludes two main themes emerging in driving service excellence in FM. Firstly, that excellence is underpinned by consistency, and secondly, an absolute confidence in delivering to an agreed set of standards. But research also shows that this consistency is not enough in itself to guarantee service excellence.


Service Innovation in the Facility Management Industry

Innovation is today one of the top challenges for the Facility Management industry. Despite having improved over the past 10 years, FM companies can do significantly more to create innovation.


Trends and Developments within Facility Management

The paper deals with further trends and developments within Facility Management based on the fieldwork of the Vienna University of Technology, department of Information and Facility Management, and experiences from the delivery side of the Facility Management business through service provider ISS.


Excellence in Transition Management

This white paper explores the key elements needed for a successful transition process in outsourcing – and laying the foundation for a successful outsourcing partnership.


Creating a Security Request for Proposal

What is a Request for Proposal (RFP), how can it enhance the competitive bid process and how does a Security Services company identify the types of information needed to write an effective RFP? A framework based on five basic steps to build, review and publish an RFP and subsequently evaluate proposals for working with RFPs on security services in the outsourcing industry is presented in this paper.


Working with Change Management in Service Outsourcing

Service outsourcing creates many changes. For the employees who will be outsourced the changes are significant but also for the rest of the organisation service outsourcing will lead to many changes.


Indirect Cost Savings When Outsourcing

Organisations are increasingly using outsourcing as a strategy to increase profitability, refocus on their core business and improve productivity and competitiveness.


Diversity in Outsourcing

The global workforce is experiencing significant demographic changes, and all organisations must develop and implement a diversity management strategy.


HR Issues to be Considered when Outsourcing Services

Although HR issues are crucial determinants of the success of service outsourcing processes, they are too often paid inadequate attention.


Multiskilling and Job Satisfaction in Outsourcing

Multiskilling is an effective way of organising jobs to boost productivity, flexibility and quality of service.


Diversity brings new talent into the organisation

New study from ISS Denmark and Copenhagen Business School shows, how diversity brings new talent into the organisation. To attract and retain these qualified employees it is essential to take a more inclusive approach to talent management, which again helps to professionalize service and strengthen pipeline of successors to the benefit of profit and business.


Super-diverse teams drive well-being in the workplace

New research from ISS and Copenhagen Business School proves that highly diverse or super-diverse teams can increase well-being in the workplace. This is due to diversity’s potential for generating social coherence and enhanced socializing, communication, and open-mindedness among co-workers.


Diverse teams drive Leadership Development

New research from ISS Denmark shows that leading diverse teams strengthens leaders’ competencies within communication, relationship building and talent development and ensures inclusion. This has a reinforcing effect as the better the leadership, the better the heterogeneous team will function.


A Diverse Leadership Yields Higher Earnings

This report shows that the benefits of having a diverse management are significant; businesses with the most diverse management have an operating profit margin of an average of 12.6 percentage points more than companies with the least diverse management. In addition, the most diverse companies have an operating profit margin on an average of 5.7 percentage points more than their competitors do.


Linking Customer Experience with Service Employee Engagement

In this White Paper we have performed a series of regression analyses for our data, and subsequent research has revealed important new knowledge regarding the factors that drive service employee engagement and customer experience.


Employee Engagement – the crucial role of the supervisor

Engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused and more loyal – and companies with high levels of employee engagement are more profitable, according to a number of studies over the past two decades.


Effective Training of Front-line Service Employees

Service quality is the primary driver behind customer satisfaction. Because training is the single most important driver behind higher service quality, it is one of the most important internal processes for a company to get right.


The Value of Strategic HR Processes

Service Management is about continuously creating value in the eyes of the customers. Hence, the service company must excel at serving the front-line workers, who are the most important link between the company and the customers.


Service design - the next frontier in creating great workplace experiences

Workplace experience is crucial for companies in today’s competitive business environment. This white paper is about using service design to improve and innovate workplace services. This intentional, structured and user-centered process is a new paradigm for the facilities management industry.


Service Management 3.0 - the next generation of service

If all companies effectively compete on service, the key differentiator then lies in the service management model and the ability to execute it. However, the traditional models and themes are no longer sufficient, future focus should be on the service delivery system and the power of the human touch.


How 'New Ways of Working' Affect our Use of Facilities

How we work has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. This has impacted our use of facilities, as they support how we work.

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