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Creating a safer workplace with PURE SPACE

‘Is it safe?’ That’s the question countless employees around the world are asking themselves as they re-enter their workplaces. PURE SPACE, a new product from ISS, aims to help employees reconnect with their work environments, by ensuring a hygienic, safe place to work.

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How to optimize business outcomes through workspace and service design

Changing labor demographics, increasing war for talent, low levels of employee engagement and continuous need for cost-efficiency and optimization represent just a few of the challenges business managers continue to struggle with. Workplace, when applied as a strategic tool, can secure just that.

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ISS China on reopening and the new normal in the workplace

How does ISS approach reopening workplaces after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted? As a global company, we learn from colleagues across the world. Here is ISS China’s Country Manager, Cindy Wang, on the process for welcoming customers and employees back to the workplace.

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