ISS Executive Management Team - Australia and New Zealand 

ISS Australia and New Zealand is led by a dedicated team of executive managers. 

Stuart Rose2

Chief Executive Officer - ISS Australia and New Zealand

Stuart Rose

AU_Leadership Team_2019_IanScanlon_03_KH_130319

Chief Financial Officer

Ian Scanlon

AU_Leadership Team_2019_LizTurner_03_KH_130319

Chief Operating Officer - New Zealand

Elizabeth Turner

Scott Erwin

Director of People & Culture

Scott Erwin

Phillip Thomson2

Executive General Manager - Education

Phillip Thomson

Aaron Cauchi

Executive General Manager - Health

Aaron Cauchi

Paul Archer2

Executive General Manager - Resources

Paul Archer

AU_Leadership Team_2019_JonathanReeves_01_KH_130319

Executive General Manager - Aviation & Transport

Jonathan Reeves

Tim Ryerson2

Executive General Manager - Business & Industry

Tim Ryerson

AU_Leadership Team_Sarah Peebles

Executive General Manager – Operational Excellence

Sarah Peebles



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