ISS Social Mobility Project

This project was designed to educate frontline staff in India who come from an underprivileged and poor socioeconomic background to give them better career opportunities and stronger livelihoods.




participants enrolled by 2018



ISS Social Mobility Project’s main areas of focus were:

  • Acknowledging the aspirations of ISS staff and the key challenges in working towards fulfilling their dreams  
  • Creating an environment for frontline staff to break through the barriers of illiteracy/inadequate education/ socioeconomically challenging backgrounds, thus opening the possibility of moving to a higher-paying job for themselves or employment for other family members, or both  
  • Working on a predefined action plan oriented towards skill and confidence enhancement, enabling them to take the first step towards uplifting their socioeconomic status  

The participants were trained on goal setting, confidence, communication, time and stress management, grooming, corporate etiquette and customer service. Training also emphasised basic IT skills and digital literacy, where the participants were exposed to internet banking, making transactions, online payments, rail and bus ticket bookings, online shopping etc. There was a customer visit to expose the participants to industry standards for service and professionalism.  

“Once Imran joined the ISS Social Mobility Project, his confidence level increased and he cleared the client interview… He is able to provide excellent customer service and has set out to achieve more in his journey with ISS.”

Testimonial about participant’s progress

The key highlights of the project were:

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